Sustainable development as the centerpiece of the 21st century can only be achieved with deep decarbonization, electrification, and equitable access. The scientific community is equipped with the necessary tools to achieve these goals: innovation, collaboration, and research at the leading edge. My work centers around clean energy systems and achieving a low-carbon future grid. As a step towards decarbonization, I develop algorithms and decision making tools to make the “smart grid” concept a reality. I work within domains like optimization, machine learning, controls, and market design to develop a range of tools for both grid operators and homeowners with smart devices. But we can't stop there: tech transfer from lab to industry, science-backed policy and regulatory changes, and education through student engagement and public outreach programs are vital to our success.

Below are some of my active projects in the domain of smart grids and sustainable energy systems.

Achieving real-time optimization and control for power systems: merging model-based and data-driven methods within the domain of physics-informed ML

Coordinating spatially distributed resources to provide grid services that improve grid performance, efficiency, and reliability

Pushing the boundaries on what retail electricity pricing looks like in future clean energy grids with real-time prices for all customers

Creating open-source models and data to tools for researchers, policy-makers, and clean energy advocates